This might help, here are some examples of bookings:

For example: You have 2 adults, 2 walking children and a 5 month old baby sibling? you would book a 4 seater table. (prewalking sibling baby can sit on a lap and won’t play so doesn’t need to be counted and is free)

Another example: You have 3 adults and 3 walking children? You could either book a 4 seater and a 2 seater OR you could book 2 x 3 seater tables (Don’t worry we will put you together if the tables are both booked at same time)

Another example: You have two adults and one pre-walker? You need to book a 3 seater and pay £5 for the table.

You can book a 3 seater table even if there is only 1 adult and 1 child, its the same price if you book it as 2 adults and 1 child.

Making payment

Make your payment through bank transfer directly into our bank account as soon as possible after placing your table order. Please use your name and Order ID as the payment reference. Your booking will not be complete until the funds have cleared in our account. Once payment is received you will get an email confirming from the system. (Please check your junk folder for the email as it may go in there). If you do not have access to internet banking please contact us for alternative payment options. If we do not receive payment the slot will not be reserved and opened up for another customer to book.

The reason behind why we use bank transfer after you make a booking online was first started when we had to do bookings during Covid. Before, we just had walk-ins. We found that actually the bookings meant we had more people throughout the day rather than all in the mornings and children didn’t get disappointed that they couldn’t come and play once we were full, there was no more queuing outside and the feedback we received from our customers that they like to know they have a table booked. We then had no choice but to do the payments via bank transfer as if we use PayPal or other online credit or debit card users we are charged 45p per £5. The fees were too expensive for the café and we would not be able to afford them per year.

Whilst we understand this is not the simplest way for customers, once they have set up bank transfer with us once our regulars find it fairly straightforward to continue to pay us this way. We do however offer alternative forms of payment if people are unable to pay via bank transfer are using PayPal or coming in and prepaying cash or buying vouchers for future use. We hope you understand why we have to use it this way. Thank you.

Arriving at Kids Play Cafe

On arrival in to the entrance of the cafe we allow one booking at a time to take shoes off (please feel free to bring slippers or warm socks with you), we will take all your temperatures and ask that you sanitise your hands before entering. You will be encouraged to wear a face mask whilst walking around the cafe but once sat at the table you may take it off. If you are exempt, please let us know on arrival.

For more information on Covid-19 safety precautions please see them here: How to book a play session and Covid-19 safety information

Price of sessions

Children over 12 months and walking
£5 per child and up to 2 adults are free of charge per family.

Free entry when accompanying a paying sibling.
If you only have a pre-walker and no other children you pay £5 as you are booking a table and there are limited numbers.

Additional adults
£3.50 each. Each adult and child must have a seat at the table, they may not sit down but it is purely so we know the capacity in the cafe (except for pre-walkers who may sit on an adult’s lap / use a highchair and are free entry when accompanying a paying sibling).

Can you book more than one table?

You can book more than one table, so for example if there are 5 of you coming you can book a 2 seater and a 3 seater and let us know we can put you next to each other. You can only book a maximum of three tables in one session, if you require more please contact us to discuss your group needs and whether it needs to be a private hire or a party instead. If you can not see the table size you need please email us on

Change your booking or cancel

Please contact us if you no longer require your table every booking counts to us and we may be able to get it re-booked. If you wish to cancel or change the date of booking this must be done 24 hours before the morning of the booked session (no refund or transfer credit will be made otherwise). Bookings cancelled within 24 hours of the booked session are non-refundable and no refunds or transfer credit will be made if you do not attend your booked session.

Book your table choosing either Charminster or New Milton location first:

Choose your table (2,3 or 4 seater) by counting all adults and children attending (pre-walkers not included when accompanying a paying sibling), all children need a seat even if they are not planning to sit down as it keeps the cafe to the correct capacity. Don’t forget to make your payment via bank transfer after booking your table. You can only book a maximum of three tables in one session, if you require more please contact us to discuss your group needs and whether it needs to be a private hire or a party instead.