The Train

"Choo choo, all aboard. The train is now departing from Platform 1." The journey is about to begin. Will you take on the role of a train driver or a passenger today? Or perhaps you will be an engineer making essential repairs to the train?  Access the platform by climbing up some

The Pirate Ship

"Ahoy there mateys. Come on board my pirate ship and sail the seven seas." Use the treasure maps to find treasure, sail the ship, scrub the decks or fire the canons. There are so many adventures waiting for you. Recruiting new pirates now. No previous experience necessary!

The House

Cook dinner for your family, take care of the babies, clean the house and serve tea. The house offers a real-life play opportunity which all children have experience of from their lives at home. They can practise being grown ups for themselves in this safe and stimulating home from home.

The Fire Engine

Be an everyday superhero and put out fires around the town. Dress up as a firefighter or policeperson and help keep the town safe.  From rescuing cats in trees to helping people to cross the road, there is lots you can do.

The Castle

Have you ever dreamt of being a King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Knight, Witch or a Wizard?  Now you can take on any of these roles.  Explore the castle, escape down the slide and enter / exit the castle through the secret door way. The castle offers a fantasy role play opportunity which


The superheroes have arrived to take care of Kids Play Cafe. Help Spiderman build his web, Batman drive his car or Superman fly to the rescue. Immerse yourself in the fun, fantasy world of superheroes and take on a rescue mission today.

The Baby Area

We have temporarily removed the baby area from our play area. It is regrettable that we have had to remove this area, however as babies are more likely to put toys in their mouths we have decided this area was a higher risk than other areas. However we have made a small area


We have a small collection of books for the children to read and magazines for the grown-ups.

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