Thank you for your interest in a group booking.

If you are booking more than two tables this counts as a group booking and we can help you find the best time and suitable tables to accommodate you all. Please fill in our form below and we will come back to you to discuss your booking.

For group bookings please note the following applies:

Maximum 7 children and 8 adults can book a group booking, anymore would need to book a private hire instead. The price per child is £5 entry. Two free adults per family only. Additional adults must pay £3.50 entrance fee. No more than 7 children in your group and 8 adults. Your group booking must not exceed 15 guests in total as the cafe is only small we will also have other customers attending. If you require a larger number than this, you will need to book a private hire option please.

We ask that the adults please don’t group up together in the play area, as sometimes larger groups of adults go to the play area together which means children that are not in your group find it a little intimidating to go into play equipment. All we just ask is that the adults try and stay by the tables where possible please unless a child needs extra help.


Group bookings for birthdays:

Decorations/balloons can not be brought in in the normal sessions (unless a party package is booked). Please do not bring any of your own food in (e.g. you are not able to bring a cake into a session). All food/cakes and drinks for children and adults must be purchased in the cafe – small cakes can be requested for the day.

We cannot reserve tables for you in advance (more than  a week) as our weekend dates can vary due to party bookings which take priority over sessions and can change up to a week before, however we can discuss your needs and help you book in a group up to 7 days before to ensure you are put together and have the correct amount of tables. We would advise anyone wanting to invite guests in advance to book either a private hire option or party package. (Please ask for private hire details).

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