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Last entry is one hour before the closing time.


We have sadly decided to close Kids Play Cafe for the foreseeable future until we can make sure it is safe and the coronavirus is no longer a threat to anyone. The schools and nurseries are still open, so we kept going whilst they were too and we were awaiting instructions from the Government to close. We have had only a handful of customers since the outbreak last week so have kept to the under 10 people at once easily. However with the virus now circulating round some of the schools and some people not showing symptoms until a few days after contracting the virus, we don’t feel we can stay open. If you have visited the cafe in the last few days and show any signs of the virus please contact us so we can inform others. Please contact us directly with any questions. We really hope to see you all come back to us once this is all over as we will really need the support 😞 stay safe and well to all families at this sad time.

Kids Play Cafe 😓

An imaginative and captivating
play experience for young children

Kids Play Cafe is a unique, educational play experience for young children. Our play cafe features various real-life and fantasy role-play areas in which little ones can develop their imaginative skills, socialise, build confidence and have lots of fun. You don’t have to book, you just come along and your session will start when you arrive. You can choose from a 90 minute session or a 60 minute session.

Kids Play Cafe is a friendly and safe place for children aged 0-8 years old. We offer delicious barista coffee and a range of both hot and cold meals, drinks and snacks. We cater for various dietary requirements and we have a range of baby food and snacks available for our youngest visitors.

We have permanent role play areas (pirate ship, train, house and fire engine) as well as themed areas, which regularly change to ensure children have fresh and exciting role-play experiences. This means children want to come back again and again!

Please note only food and drink purchased in our cafe can be consumed on the premises, however you may bring your own food for young babies (we have meal pouches available too if required).

We also do parties, please click on the party section to read all about them.

How Kids Play Cafe supports education…


The Early Years Foundation Stage Profile sets out the standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to 5 years old.


Kids Play Cafe gives children the opportunity to interact with others and use their imagination in real life and fantasy play areas. Communication and language development is about more than talking. It is about the different ways a child understands and communicates.


Personalsocial and emotional development (PSED) supports children to learn to get on with others and make friends, understand and talk about feelings, learn about ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, develop independence and ultimately feel good about themselves.
Children’s early PSED has a huge impact on their later well-being, learning achievement and economic success too.


The Key Stage 1 Curriculum is the standards which school plan their teaching around in Infant / Primary Schools for children aged 5-7 years old. Kids Play Café supports children to use their imagination, develop storylines, negotiate and compromise with others, all of which are vital building blocks for their future education.